Mediation & Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), and Legal Consulting


BROWN & AHERN is a national practice limited to mediation & other alternative dispute resolution (ADR) and legal consulting with firms & professionals on commercial & bankruptcy issues, expert testimony, speaking, teaching, and writing.

This is not your typical law firm.  We generally limit our practice to engagements by legal and financial professionals for alternate dispute resolution, including mediation and arbitration, legal consulting and expert witness services, in matters involving bankruptcy and commercial legal issues.  We also engage in teaching, lectures, seminar speaking and writing on a wide range of bankruptcy and commercial law topics.

In mediation, we do not act as judges or representatives of one party.  Instead, we act as confidential and neutral facilitators, assisting parties in resolving their disputes, which may or may not…


Drawing on combined experience of more than eight decades in practice, on the bench and in the classroom, we serve professionals (attorneys, accountants, etc.) as experts, both in a consulting capacity and as potential witnesses. We do not accept engagements by traditional clients but…


We have worked separately over our entire careers and together for more than two decades to inform professionals on bankruptcy and commercial law. Both of us have extensive experience…


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